a. Jenis Ciptaan : HaKI Buku b. Nomor Permohonan : EC00201810764 c. Tanggal Permohonan : 2 Mei 2018 d. Nomor Pencatatan : 000107277 e. Tgl/Bln/Tahun : 10 April 2017 f. Pemberi Sertifikat : Kementerian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia g. URL Karya Paten/HaKI : http://stekom.ac.id/repository/document/Internet-Marketing/5d1aee9bf67f5de3a71639d66a577395

a. Nama Jurnal : Jurnal Elektronika dan Komputer b. Nomor ISSN : 1907-0012 c. Volume, Nomor, Bulan Tahun : 12, 1, Maret 2019 d. Penerbit : STEKOM Press e. Alamat web Jurnal : http://jurnal.stekom.ac.id/index.php/elkom/article/view/14

a. Nama Jurnal : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi b. Nomor ISSN : 2087-0868 c. Volume,Nomor,Bulan,Tahun : 10, 1, Maret 2019 d. Penerbit : LPPM STMIK ProVisi e. DOI artikel : - f. Alamat web Jurnal : http://jtik.web.id/jtik/index.php/jurnaltik/article/view/42/23

a. Nama Jurnal : International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering b. Nomor ISSN : 2088-8708 c. Volume, Nomor, Bulan Tahun : 8, 4, Agustus 2018 d. Penerbit : Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) e. DOI artikel : http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v8i4.pp2399-2405 f. Alamat web Jurnal : www.iaescore.com/journals/index.php/IJECE/article/view/9186


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Peer Review Karya ilmiah Yuli Fitrianto - JTIK Vol. 10 No. 1 Jurnal STMIK PROVISI


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Peer review Karya ilmiah JTIK Vol. 10 No. 1 Jurnal STMIK PROVISI

The employee attendance is proof of the presence of an employee in the office or where he works. It is one of the factors assessing the discipline of an employee, whether the employee often arrives late, permits, or does not enter work. On CV. Sumber Lumas Semarang, the owner will cut the salary out for employees who arrive late or those who do not work for specific reason. Because of that, there are employees who do unfair to their manual attendance to avoid salary deductions. Another reason is the human error, calculation error, which was conducted by the owners. There are many ways that can be done by the owner to collect data. One of them is using fingerprint attendance

The development of technology has entered the digital era of mobile, which required information media is more than just print brochures and official website, because it offered a solution for the design of a medium that can be run through mobile devices based on Android that are engaging, interactive, and follow the latest technology that augmented reality and virtual reality. The method used in this design is the System Development Life Cycle or SDLC, while supporting software used is Unity3D and Vuforia. Results from this study is the successful mobile AR and 3D-VR Walkthrough to implement and complete the on-campus media STEKOM information which has been used. Keywords: augmented reality; virtual reality; e-brosur; android; stekom

The concept of affordance comes from ecological psychology proposed by James Gibson to show the possibility of actions given to actors by the environment. Something has a quality to understand, where they are capable of being something when they are felt. Product perception is connected with the perception of its function. Affordance as a perception of meaning by combining the functions and meanings of a product. Thus, the meaning of a product will make what the product is capable of. People treat products from their environment according to the affordance of the product. Good product design is intuitive, can be used without thinking hard. Design that allows us, by seeing it we can do things directly and correctly. The concept