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BUDAYA FOOD SELFIE PADA MASYARAKAT URBAN Kajian Estetika Food Photography, Narcisism, dan Cyberculture

Senin, 16 Desember 2019 12:45:58 ,Oleh ,Dilihat : 137 x
The food selfie phenomenon that is endemic along with the development of global internet usage has formed a new communication culture which is a transformation of cultural changes that occur through a process of digitally among the people. Through social media networking, culinary tourism is no longer merely a desire to taste the delicacy of food, but has changed into a trend of food-related activities carried out through food selfies and upload them in the hope of getting recognition from other individuals. The study uses descriptive qualitative methods to get data about food selfie culture in urban communities. Individual motivation to use social media by uploading food selfies is to establish communication with others in the media without limits and will feel selfsatisfaction for the existence and social imaging which eventually gave rise to a new culture in society



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