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Static and dynamic alliance: the solution of reliable internet bandwidth management

Senin, 17 Juni 2019 15:25:22 ,Oleh ,Dilihat : 275 x
In this study, we present a comprehensive study about the performance of Static and Dynamic Alliance method that can enhance the performance of PCQ. Moreover, the objective of this study is to combine the method of static and dynamic bandwidth management to become Static, and Dynamic Alliance focused on the performance of Static and Dynamic Alliance method through analysis the download speed between PCQ and Static and Dynamic Alliance method. The router fetched bandwidth usage data and PCQ bandwidth allocation data. Those data will be processed and fed into the control system. Using Per-Connection Queue (PCQ) analysis, evaluation of data transfer speed between static, dynamic and combination of both methods have been done. We found that when the PCQ Method was utilized, IDM has a higher bandwidth compared to Google Chrome. During download task processing without canceling or pausing, the application of static and dynamic alliance method of management bandwidth has been conducted into the router successfully. Both IDM and Google Chrome receive an equal amount of bandwidth. Combination of static and dynamic methods in response to internet download accelerator application provide more efficient bandwidth allocation significantly. Those strengthen that static and dynamic alliance is a feasible solution of reliable internet bandwidth management and it is recommended to apply this method for improvement of dynamic method.



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