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Stock reports on purchases and sales of a period. useful for helping employees to assess the amount of inequality in the flow of purchases, monitor stock / inventory of goods, and provide reports both purchase reports, sales reports, stock condition reports, and profit / profit reports to management to determine further business policies The process of recording transactions in a conventional or paper-based manner is identical with several weaknesses, namely easily damaged, difficult / long when looking for stored data, difficult / long when it comes to generating reports. These weaknesses can be corrected by implementing computer-based monitoring applications. If the monitoring application is planned/made properly, the computer-based information system is relatively safer. The model to be developed refers to

PT. Biru Semesata Abadi is a company engaged in refill drinking water, one of the many drinking water companies in Semarang, and has many branches (10 branches) and one head office in Semarang (in the Bugangan area, East Semarang district), because this company has franchise system. In this case, I will discuss the presence system (presence) of employees of PT. Biru Semesta Abadi, Fatmawati Semarang branch which is still manual (presence made of paper and written by hand) and still encounters many obstacles. This desire arises because this company has difficulties in processing Presence information data, resulting in more and more hardcopy archives and makes it difficult when the company management intends to recap and re-collect data and employee attendance


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