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Discussion of this research to analyze the resilience of financial well-being derived from financial literacy and the impact of financial inclusion through financial attitudes. A total of 239 respondents were distributed to MSME businesses, especially with data collection techniques in the form of questionnaires and interviews. SEM-PLS compound path analysis was used in this study for data from path analysis mediated by financial attitude on financial well-being resilience. The results of the study there is a positive correlation between the direct relationship of financial literacy and financial inclusion in financial attitudes, as well as positive relationships between financial literacy and financial inclusion through financial attitudes on financial well-being resilience. Then there is the direct positive contribution of financial attitudes to

HASIL PENILAIAN SEJAWAT SEBIDANG ATAU PEER REVIEW KARYA ILMIAH : JURNAL INTERNASIONAL Judul Karya Ilmiah (artikel : Application of Fuzzy Inference System using Tsukamoto technique as Strategy management (Case: Sales "Custom Case") Nama Penulis : Rosida Vivin Nahari, Mars Caroline Wibowo, Syafrida Hafni Sahir, Nasrul, Arifin,

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world including Indonesia had an impact on all aspects, one of which was the economic aspect. MSMEs are the most affected, where 50% of MSMEs are forced to go out of business because economic activities are stopped suddenly, and demand decreases. MSME turnover has dropped dramatically by around 40%-70%. Business people, especially MSMEs, have to start adapting to the new normal to maintain their business. At this webinar, various solutions will be given to the confusion of the community, especially MSME entrepreneurs, where they can choose the tips and solutions offered that are suitable to be applied according to their fields to survive and even grow during a pandemic, starting from business opportunities, to

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The purpose of this study was to determine the perception of students majoring in accounting, batch 2019, STEKOM University Semarang on reading examination using google form. The method used in this research was descriptive quantitative. The location of the research was conducted in the Accounting Department of STEKOM University. The study population was 80 students majoring in accounting, batch 2019, STEKOM University, all of which were used as research samples. Sources of data in this study were primary and secondary data sources. Data collection techniques using a questionnaire or questionnaire and documentation study. Data analysis was carried out descriptively using SPSS 16. The results of this study stated that most students had the perception that the reading examination using google


The purpose of this research is to propose the design of the computerized system of cash receipts and expenditures by using Visual Basic Net application that contributes to making it easier to design forms, reports, and programming. Problems are briefly known in the system is still conventional in manual recording and the absence of quality information that can measure user performance. The methods offered in solving this with research and development methods in the form of visual basic net programs. Research instruments are carried out by direct survey by identifying problems through interviews and the dissemination of questionnaires. Contribution through accounting system with the visual basic net application provides positive results in improving the performance of receiving processing and cash

This paper aims to disseminate and describe the use of video and technology in the digital age to improve students‘ literacy awareness as an English learning media used by a teacher in a Junior High School in Semarang to teach Recount Text. This study was conducted during the Pandemic COVID-19 crisis, so all of the processes were done through several online platforms. The study engaged students to improve their literacy through the process of listening to the explanation through audio, reading and writing a Recount text, and in the end, they practiced to speak based on the script they have made to put the caption on the videos. The result of these activities is a Recount text video made by